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Designed Energy

" the sky is no longer the limit "


Engineered Aluminum Nanocomposites for Energetic Applications


nanoMetallix has exclusive nanotechnology that revolutionizes the rocket propellant and energy industries. 

We will provide scalable aluminum nanoenergetics that radically increase the effectiveness of propellants through shorter ignition delays, increased burn rate, and an increased and more complete combustion. 

In other words, we've made energy smaller.

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Propulsion and Energetics Tour 

Upcoming Events

Missouri Military Preparedness and Enhancement Commission (MMPEC)

Strategic Planning and Support

Oct 19th, 2016 - St. Louis, MO

Defense Innovation Challenge

DoD Advanced Materials and National Defense

Nov 29-Dec 1, 2016 - Austin Texas

Joint Army Navy NASA Air Force

Liquid and Spacecraft Propulsion

 December 5-9th, 2016 - Phoenix, AZ

33rd Space Symposium

Presenting enhanced launch capabilities

April 3rd-6th, 2016 - Newport News, Virginia

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Presenting nanoPropulsion and nanoEnergetics

July 10-12th, 2016 - Atlanta, GA


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Our Pioneers

Steve W. Buckner (PhD) - Chief Executive Officer

interim Dean of Parks College of Engineering, Aviation, and Technology | Manager


Stephen W. Chung (PhD) - Scientific Co-Founder and Inventor, Principal Investigator

Nano-mechano-electrical and micro-mechano-electrical-systems | Chief Scientific Officer


Jake M. Laktas (MS) - Chief Operations Officer

Computational Fluid Dynamics | nano-Fiber Formulation | nano-Fabric Engineering


Paul A. Jelliss (PhD) - Scientific Co-Founder and Inventor

Director of the Integrated and Applied Sciences PhD Program | Manager


Gregory J. Place (BA) -  CoFounder

Director of Sales and Technology | Manager


Bob Caruso - Strategic Advisor

Business Development and Management Strategy


Graeme D. Thomas - Strategic Advisor through Saint Louis University

Intellectual Property | Technology Transfer | Corporate Engagement and Collaboration


Andy Hoyne (JD), Polsinelli PC - General Legal and Corporate Consult

Business and Corporate Law | Business Foundation | Corporate Engagement and Collaboration